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Glance through the KUNSTSAMMLUNG Art Collection and get a sense of the current art scene in the Region of Upper Austria. Built in 2009 under commission of the Region of Upper Austria the KUNSTSAMMLUNG was conceived as a link between the Cultural Directory and the public that functions as a mix between public artothek art library, art storage facility, open warehouse and gallery.

The Art Collection has been based at the ongoing acquisition of Upper Austrian current fine art by the Region since 1947. It forms the main core of the KUNSTSAMMLUNG exhibits.

In the walk-in showroom warehouse you can view a rotating exhibition of delicate or particularly valuable works, which are not designated for rental. All artworks not put on display are preserved in depots. The gallery shows exhibitions and special events dedicated to Upper Austria artists.

Focussing contemporary Upper Austrian artists the KUNSTSAMMLUNG Art Collection also runs various artists‘ studios at home and abroad.


Landstraße 31, 4020 Linz 
Tel. 0043 732 7720 16395


opening hours:

tuesday-friday 14:00-18:00 p.m.
holidays closed

entrance free