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Weckert Simon

Simon Weckert is an artist with his home base in Berlin. He likes to share knowledge on a wide range of fields from generative design to physical computing. His focus is the digital world – including everything related to code and electronics under the reflection on current social aspects, ranging from technology oriented examinations to the discussion of current social issues. In his work, he seeks to assess the value of technology, not in terms of actual utility, but from the perspective of future generations. He wants to raise awareness of the privileged state in which people live within Western civilization and remind them of the obligations attached to this privilege. Hidden layers like producing and transporting the raw minerals required to create the core infrastructure of technology and "human fulled automation" labor of microworkers who perform the repetitive digital tasks that underlie new technology are just some of the topics in his projects.

Simon Weckert

(Quelle: Simon Weckert)