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Caron Lefebvre Philippe

lives and works in Montreal, Canada. He holds a bachelor's degree in visual arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal and a master's degree in visual arts from Concordia University. His practice is constructed around a multidisciplinary approach with a focus on sculpture and installation. With a fascination for the natural world, he is interested in the translation of certain phenomena in the art-making process. His research pays attention to life found in nature through the morphology of species. His images and objects can provoke feelings of fear and disgust but also be empowering and seductive, portraying forms of paradoxical forces. He is interested in the way Science-Fiction has an influence on our western culture. This genre offers possibilities around a critical viewing of social, ideological, technological and ecological paradigms. Caron Lefebvre is actively exhibiting his work in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Italy, and Japan. He has participated in residency such as, Atelierhaus Salzamt (Austria, 2022), La Napoule (France, 2022) Art OMI (US, NY, 2019), Banff Art Centre (CA, AB, 2018), among others.  He has been awarded many research and creation grants from the Canada Art Council and Québec Arts and Letters Council. His latest projects have focused on spike aesthetics research, experimental ceramic practices, the consumption of images explored through collages, and the heritage of sculpture.

Philippe Caron Lefebvre

(Quelle: Emily Promise Allison)